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Last update: May 2023



Resulting from the recovery plan Reactivate Tourism | Building the Future and in line with the targets of the Tourism Strategy 2027 (ET27), the Sustainable Tourism Plan 20-23 intends to intensify the objective of sustainability in tourism, with actions such as re-education for a circular and sustainable food and beverage sector, the development of practices for a circular economy, carbon neutrality in tourist developments, sustainable construction in tourist developments, water efficiency in golf courses in Portugal and the reduction of plastic in hotels.

Under the motto "More than a challenge, it's the path" this Plan aims to position Portugal as one of the most competitive, safe and sustainable tourist destinations in the world through economic, social and environmental development throughout the territory.

The PLAN TOURISM + SUSTAINABLE 20-23 was structured around 6 guiding principles:

  • Act with a focus on the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations;
  • Act to minimize the impact of climate change;
  • Align with the circular economy agenda and promote the climate transition;
  • Involve industry stakeholders in a joint commitment;
  • Contribute to achieving the goals of ET 2027;
  • Align with the UNWTO vision for a responsible recovery of the tourism sector after the COVID-19 crisis.

And the following targets by 2023:

  • 75% of tourist developments with energy, water and waste management systems;
  • 75% of tourist developments that do not use Single-Use Plastics;
  • 25,000 adherents to the Clean & Safe Seal and 30,000 trained professionals; and 50,000 professionals trained in the areas of sustainability.

Sustainability Report

"After two challenging years, tourism in Portugal has been consolidating its recovery path.

We are living in a time of transformation, with the acceleration of the sustainability agenda driven by imperatives associated with international commitments but also by changes on the demand side.

With the Tourism Strategy 2027, we have assumed sustainability as a cornerstone of our tourism development model and committed to concrete goals for the next decade. The importance of this agenda and its acceleration was reinforced by the pandemic and the 2020/2023 More Sustainable Tourism Plan in order to ensure a more responsible, more sustainable and more resilient tourism.

In 2021, this commitment was extended with the Reactivate Tourism | Build the Future (PRT) plan, a guideline for the transformation of the tourism sector, public and private, and which actions are fully integrated with the objectives of the Recovery and Resilience Plan and the Portugal 2030 Strategy. As an example, the 360º Tourism Companies Programme, an initiative included in Pillar 4 of this Plan, aims to encourage tourism companies to incorporate sustainability values, in its environmental, social and governance pillars.

This report demonstrates the commitment of Turismo de Portugal to the sustainability of the sector, as the National Tourist Authority and responsible for the promotion, enhancement and sustainability of tourism activity. This is also our contribution to the multiple aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals

Luís Araújo

President of Turismo de Portugal​

Access the Sustainability Report | 2020/21:


The Tourism Strategy 2027 has sustainability as a guiding principle and defines ambitious goals and targets to be reached in the three dimensions of sustainability:

Economic: overnight stays and revenues from international tourism

Social: qualification of the workforce of the sector, seasonality and residents' satisfaction with the process of tourism development

Environmental: efficient management of water, energy and waste

Within this framework, Turismo de Portugal developed a set of sustainability monitoring indicators, based on recommendations from international organizations (OMT, Eurostat), in order to evaluate the performance of Portugal as a tourist destinantion in the three dimensions of sustainability.


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