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April 01, 2024
Nuno Lima
Turismo de Portugal

Environmental Performance by Accommodations in Portugal | 2022

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In 2022, 68% of tourism establishments in Portugal have adopted measures for efficient use of water, especially in terms of changing sheets at the request of the guest (95.5%) and the use of flush toilets with differentiated loads (82.8%).

The conclusion is from a survey, of Turismo de Portugal, on the environmental performance of tourism establishments done between July and October 2022. Of the total of 1,353 units that submitted a response, 66% declared they had good energy use practices, such as energy-saving light bulbs (97.5%) and climate control adjustable by the customer (92.3%); and 64% adopted efficient waste management measures, with emphasis on the separation of waste for recycling (94.2%).

Regarding disposable plastics, 63% of the tourism establishments no longer provide this type of single-use material in 2022, especially plastic covers for sheets and for washed towels, coasters and sanitary protection strips.

With regard to certifications, 11% of the tourism establishments stated that they were certified with some type of standard, mainly quality management, at international level, and accessibility, at national level.

The autonomous regions of Madeira and Azores registered the best results in three areas: energy efficiency, waste management and seals and distinctions.

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